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January 2020 : start the year well in looking for a new job challenge thanks to the right keywords!

If you are a Field Service specialist or would you like to be one when you finish studying, this is important to know how work the jobboards and so what are the right keywords or job titles to use for your online search. This article will give you an overview of the most relevant one in your industry sector.

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1. Starting your search by drafting all the ‘field positions’ existing :

First of all, a Field Service Specialist is a sought-after position in many different sectors. Particularly for those who come from industry and manufacturing. Secondly, for your profession, there is not one set ‘standard’ position, but a multitude of different roles.

After a few searches you could apply for a few new positions. But would you have actually carried out an exhaustive search? Did you use the right job titles and the right jobboards?

To avoid that, you need first to scan the right keywords for each plateform and secondly to translate them in different langages. These keywords will depend of 3 elements :

  • > the industry (e.g type of machine or production site size)
  • > the travel trips (e.g national or international)
  • > the intervention level (e.g managerial responsabilities or team size)

2. The most relevant keywords used in the industry sector:

The Field Service Recruiter has listed the most common ones below:

Field service positions with travel:

  • > International field service engineer or technician
  • > Worldwide field service engineer or technician
  • > Field service & commissioning engineer or technician
  • > Field service support / Customer service technician

Specialised Field service positions:

  • > Field Service engineer oriented machine-tool / CNC
  • > Field service engineer specialized in laser
  • > Automation engineer or technician
  • > Metrologist engineer or technician

Field service positions on site:

  • > Industrial maintenance engineer or technician
  • > Software maintenance engineer or technician

Field service positions with management:

  • > Senior field service engineer
  • > Principal field service engineer
  • > Field service team leader

3. Translate your right keywords into foreign languages:

As your job is really international oriented, it is important to consider using keywords in English, perhaps in German, in Spanish or even in Italian. Think about where you would like to work (in or outside UE) or where you would like to be relocated. To sum up, we make the task easier for you in having prepared a list of the most common translations:

Keywords in French:

  • > Ingénieur / technicien de mise en service à l’international
  • > Ingénieur / technicien SAV en itinérance
  • > CNC / machine-tool : machine-outils
  • > Industrial maintenance : maintenance industrielle  
  • > After sale service : SAV (Service Après Vente)

Keywords in German:

  • > Machine-tool : Werkzeugmaschine
  • > Field Service Engineer : Serviceingenieur
  • > Commissioning : Inbetriebnahme
  • > Customer service : Kundendienst

Keywords in Italian:

  • > Field service engineer: tecnico di servizio
  • > Maintenance technician : technico di manutenzione 
  • > Senior Technician / with experience: technico specializzato 
  • > Mechanical technician: technico meccanico service 
  • > Machine-tool installation: installazione e service macchine utensili 

4. Using different employment platforms based on the country

LinkedIn has become one of the most popular and effective platforms for for publishing job offers. However, don’t forget to look at more regional or national platforms, especially if you’re dreaming of a challenge abroad!

For example, you could have a look to APEC and Monster for a search in France, Xing for Germany, Jobup and Neuvo for Switzerland.

Also, keep in mind that many job offers are not necessarily shared on these platforms. Indeed some businesses work exclusively with recruitment agencies. So don’t forget to keep in touch with specialised agencies to receive their newsletter to see exclusive job openings in real time.

5. Use both ‘technician or engineer’ titles

To finish, for this type of position, it is not necessarily your degree that is looked at, but your technical background, as well as your ability to transfer your skills onto someone else’s machine.

You will also find that technician job descriptions are similar to that of engineers (for responsibility and similar tasks). Indeed, these two words don’t have exactly the same definition in different countries, so keep an open mind about these two titles!

6. To conclude … the 4 best questions to ask yourself before starting a job search on the internet:   

  • > Am I ready to travel for several months at a time without going home? If so, how many consecutive years would you do it for?
  • > Do I enjoy complex set ups (technical challenges) and am ready to move to a faraway country for a long time? Or do I prefer regularity and smaller repairs onsite?
  • > Am I curious or attracted to the challenge of living in another culture? (working in another language, with a new and different business culture) or would I prefer to work in my native language?
  • > Do I like working completely independently or would I prefer working as part of a team / Do I need to be managed or be the manager?

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