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The current unprecedented health situation affects absolutely everyone. People who travel as part of their jobs are particularly affected. With airports closed, business sites at a standstill, work being deferred… we are sure that everyone is affected.  For field service technicians and engineers who work on the ground, working from home isn’t even possible. Your business sector is also on stand-by, so what can you do with your time? Our editorial team wanted to spread some optimism at this situation, and we are inviting you to make the most out of the quarantine period imposed by your government. Be clever and take advantage of this time!

1. Catch up on sleep!

One of the biggest complaints of workers in any workplace is tiredness! “I work too much” “I never get to take my rest days”, “I don’t count my hours…”. Why not take advantage of this quarantine time : make sure that you sleep for 8 hours, without feeling guilty about it, especially without feeling jet-lagged from work travel. Sleep is the best way to keep yourself in a good mood and it will also help you stay motivated during the quarantine period.

2. Put time into your meals!

Picture from Lily Banse, Unsplash

As your work trips are now limited, you will not be eating out as much. Why not challenge yourself to stop skipping meals.

Put a stop to impulsive coffee drinking in the morning, now you have time to make yourself a proper breakfast! Have a look to our team’s favourite recipe to get your day off to a good start !

It is also a good opportunity to say no to sandwiches and cold meals at lunch, why not get stuck in and try some new ingredients. Make the most out of quarantine time by going to different specialist food shops (or drive throughs) than where you would normally go. Be curious! For those of you who are not natural chefs, take a look at these inspirations.

3. Learn a foreign language… in just one month!

If there is one thing that is not banned during the quarantine period, it is being able to access information. So why not take advantage of this and polish up on a foreign language? You could use a free learning tool (choose a tutorial on YouTube, or you could even watch a series with subtitles) and create a new weekly ritual (or daily if you are keen). For example, you could set yourself a time window of 1h where you are not allowed to speak in your native language!

For those who need something a little more formal, don’t hesitate to sign up on a remote/online learning platform (paid service) but it would allow you to get a solid basis through a qualified teacher. We could recommend this site but there are many others to choose from!

If you would like to see more about this subject, feel free to take a look to our article about how to estimate your foreign language skills.

4. Take time to think… about your future career plans

Now that you don’t have your head on what’s next, you finally have a bit of time to step back and think about your future career plans: What have been your biggest successes over the last few months and last few years? What has been your biggest frustration? What motivates you to go to work at the moment? What stimulates you the most when you are out on the ground?

During this quarantine period, take note of all of these different thoughts, and even if job opportunities are also on stand-by in technical areas due to COVID, you’ll still be a step ahead of others. Focus on businesses where you would like to work, or on your dream machine manufacturer and why you would like to work there? Where would you like to carry out installations or repairs?

5. Become a ‘connected’ field service specialist

photo from John Schnobrich, unsplash

Break free from quarantine through the internet: during this period of downtime, it’s still important to be visible! Even if you are not specifically interested in social media, it is key that you stay on top of what is happening in your business sector. The same applies to platforms such as Linkedin, Xing or Viadeo. 70% of businesses publish their ‘news’ (job openings, technological news, business insights etc) in their Linkedin newsfeed. You can also take advantage of this by seeing where your former colleagues are now! So don’t neglect your online profile, it will be very useful for keeping you connected when physical meetings are not possible.

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