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Monthly, our team answers your questions and to get this year off to a good start, let’s start with an important subject : how can you best apply for a Field Service position in a foreign country? We decided to focus on applying for job in Switzerland first and we will feature other countries in the near future.

1. Getting a work permit

Can I apply for positions in Switzerland without having a work permit?

  • Yes, you can definitely apply for a job without having a work permit
  • In the majority of cases, it’s the company itself who will take the next steps to request a permit from local authorities

Will I be penalised when applying for a job if other candidates have a work permit and I don’t?

  • Not necessarily. For very specific niche roles (such as Field Service Specialist positions), there is a shortage of qualified candidates and companies are often keen to look for candidates from further afield
  • On the other hand, there are recruitment quotas for foreign candidates per company and per industry

If you would like to increase your chance to be selected, you also can try to make a resume respecting the swiss standarts, using this template.

Can I get a work permit in Switzerland if I am from outside the EU?  

If I were to lose my job, would I also lose my work permit?

  • For frontier work or temporary work permits: Yes, you would lose your work permit because it is directly linked to your employer
  • If you have a work permit with residency in Switzerland: no, you can keep your work permit as long as your prinicpal postal address is in this country

2. Moving to Switzerland as a Field Service Specialist

Can I work for a Swiss company and stay in my home country?

  • For Field Service positions that are 100% travel, most companies will give you freedom in relation to where you live, as long as you live close to an airport.
  • For Field Service positions that are 50-80% travel, companies will ask you to live not too far from the headquarters, given that part of your work will take place on site.

Should my future employer help with my relocation? (temporary housing, moving costs, etc)

  • No, the employer is not under any obligation to help, but this may be done on a case by case basis.
  • Avoid any nasty surprises by asking the company what they offer before you start looking for housing.

Got a question to submit about a job in Switzerland ? Don’t hesitate to get in touch through our contact page!

Until the next time!

The Field Service Recruiter Team

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