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You are open to new opportunities… but you don’t feel like sending in your CV as it is? Or maybe you are actively looking for a new job, but you don’t know how to showcase your skills? In this article, The Field Service Recruiter team will share their top tips for writing a clear resume that highlights your main experiences. Also, you can upload for free our resume template, feel free to use it for your next job application !

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Don’t forget to include your career aspirations:

Whether your resume is in the hands of HR or a recruiter, keep in mind that this person analyses on average between 50 and 100 CVs per day. Why not make it easy for them, they will appreciate it. So before your skills, insert few lines explaining :

  • the type of position you are looking for (job title and industry)
  • the geographical sector you can considerate (for example, are you open to relocating?)
  • the kind of travelling you can accept (short trips in the EU or longer international trips?)

Trust us, by adding these some extra key information, the recruiter understand immediately your expectations and so you maximise your chances of being contacted!

Describe your technical competences in detail to captivate your reader:

Even though the person reading your CV may have a technical background, you should start out by thinking that they know nothing more than the basics and that they don’t have as much technical expertise as you. It’s therefore key that you immerse them in your technical environment. Also, it’s important that you present your experience by listing the following for each one:

  • > what is your area of expertise (more mechanical, electric, or automation?)
  • > which type of machine do you work on (CNC, packaging, laser, 5 axes, or other?)
  • > which tools do you mainly use (automaton and programming language)

Objectively present your managerial position:

For your managerial skills, the recruiter wants to know if you have:

  • > direct managerial experience (leading a team, producing reports and presenting to your managers)
  • > indirect managerial experience (no official title but a technical lead and/or logistical lead, for example, planning the work schedule within your team)
  • > or not even having a specific managerial role, but being in a highly technical position

Finish on a good note: add a ‘technical aptitudes’ box at the bottom of your CV

After your standard boxes (languages, qualifications, and hobbies) you could also add a mini section on your technical skills in a bullet point format. Once again, you make your resume easier for a recruiter to read, and increase the visibility of your profile.

Here is what your reader will be interested in:

  • > programming languages (C++, C#,…)
  • > automaton languages (ST, …), brands and automaton ranges used  
  • > process and quality standards that you are familiar with

Use a level scale that is simple and easy to read, for example:

  • > advanced (used regularly)
  • > intermediate (used in the past, needs to be updated)
  • > basic (never or very rarely used, but is familiar with the ecosystem)

Maybe it seems daunting? Don’t worry, our team has created a downloadable in your website here : .

See you soon !

The Field Service Recruiter Team

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