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3 minutes of reading – The Field News

REASON N°1: no useless blah, blah, blah, we are only interested in the Field Service universe!

Information, we receive thousands, and continuously, every day. How many notifications do you receive?

For how long have you been online today? With digitalisation, nothing is simpler than, in a few clicks, going and consulting current events on live. Indeed, there is something for everyone:

  • > Local versus international news
  • > Specialised news (on a given sector of activity) versus general public
  • > scientific information, (statistical data), versus empirical (news reports, feedback from experience)

Furthermore, one always seems to be chasing time and there is nothing more annoying than to read information that does not interest you.

To separate the relevant from the irrelevant, that is the greatest challenge. Separate wisely. Go for the essential. Retain the essential. It is to this credo that The field News is committed.

Indeed. we give the reader concise, structured and easy to access information, in 5 minutes, (free and accessible online). It will simultaneously feed you not only in your professional field, (e.g. the latest technologies, the newest companies, interviews with experts) but also and above all in your daily working life, (e.g. how to manage business travel well, how to communicate more fluently in a foreign language, how to quickly adjust to time differences, etc.).

REASON N°2: keeping a watch on the news in your profession, effortlessly!

The field news … once again scientific information that is long and boring to read? Don’t be fooled! We have changed the rules. The deal: two articles per month, delivered in three possible formats:

  • > Mini-articles, (5 to 7 minutes of reading, either the time to have a coffee or to wait for your taxi).
  • > Mini interviews, (to delve deeper into some subjects with specialists in your sector).
  • > Mini FAQ’s, (lists of questions received from the field service specialists community – you as well if you would like!), and on which our team commits to answer and share their responses with readers.

You will not be disappointed: our subjects touch on either ‘the initiatives’ of your profession:

  • > News on emerging technologie
  • > The latest programming languages
  • > High-tech robotization techniques

Or ‘the support’ for your profession:

  • > the invisible part of the iceberg.
  • > HR trends on Field Service positions.
  • > Development of recruitment in the sector

And in accordance with the type of industry, new core competencies which will make a difference in this form of employment, etc.). With the field news, we centralise everything and everything is at your fingertips!

REASON N°3: read to inspire, imagine and construct your professional challenge of tomorrow

Reading FS News is also a means to stay connected to your universe, to remain in a position of “actively watching” and, thus, not to become entrenched in a professional routine that risks to disappoint you in the long-term.

> Does your sector of activity please you, but you would like to explore another area of application or another industry?

> Your occupation excite you, but you would like to be able to take more responsibility in managing your team?

> Does your occupation no longer allow you to have a good balance between your personal and professional life and you would like to rebalance the axis?

> Have you located a good position internationally, but it has been several years since you last updated your CV and you do not particularly like this exercise?

FS News will also supply you with resources and information on all of these subjects, which will allow you to firstly see things more clearly in your professional field and, secondly, be able to gather pragmatic advice, that is easy to implement and very quickly actionable.

In short, concretely, to be closer to reality, closer to the field.

REASON N°4: rebound onto subjects and interact with the Field Services Specialist community

Fourth and final argument, but not the least:

The field news is also collaborative news where you can suggest article topics, subjects to elaborate on, or even better, send us your own feedback from experience or “hot” current news you possess.

FSE News has the vocation of assistance, sharing and mutualisation of information on a subject that fascinates us all equally, technology!

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See you soon,
The Field Service Recruiter Team

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